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Twist locks and Tuck locks

Twist locks and tuck locks are generally used on bags with flaps.  A twist lock has one part that fits on the front of the bag, usually with prongs that are secured inside the bag over a washer, but sometimes with rivets.  This part has a rotating button that fits in a slot on the second part, which will normally be fitted directly onto the bag flap, but could be added on a short strap.

Tuck locks have a raised bar on the part of the lock that fits onto the bag front, usually with prongs and a washer. The second part has a sprung button that fits under the bar and springs back to secure it in place until it is manually released.  This part is usually fitted to the flap by a strap, which is insterted between the back and front plates at the top of the fitting and secured either by being 'caught' by downward pointing prongs inside the fitting, or by  an additional part with prongs that go through both fitting and strap to be secured at the back.