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Home > General haberdashery > Buttons and toggles > Plastic and resin buttons

Plastic and resin buttons

In addition to buttons made simply from plastic or resin, this category includes CCB buttons.  CCB stands for Copper Coated Beads (or in this case buttons), and they are produced by giving plastic or resin buttons a thin coating of copper, to give them a metallic appearance.  Among the advantages of this process are the light weight of the finished product and, for those buttons with shanks, the ease with which the shank can be removed so that the button can be used as a flatback embellishment in non-sewing crafts.

Another abbreviation you may encounter in this category is ABS.  This stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.  ABS is particularly suitable for buttons, as it is a tough and hard wearing plastic.