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Home > Strap making supplies > Hardware > Cord locks and cord ends

Cord locks and cord ends

Use a cord lock to secure a drawstring on a duffel bag, shoe bag, PE bag or pouch.  We have colours and sizes to suit almost any project.  Cord locks can also be used on any other accessory or garment that uses a drawstring, such as anoraks.

Although cord locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are essentially the same basic construction: two pieces of plastic that fit one inside the other, with a spring on top of the inner piece, and a hole through each piece that line up when the spring is depressed by pushing on the end of the inner piece.  Releasing the pressure closes the hole and secures in place any cord or ribbon that has been fed through.

Cord ends come in two basic forms:
They can be hollow plastic bell or acorn shaped cones that slip onto the cord before the end is knotted, and slide back over the knot to hide it.
Or they are clips that lock on to the end of the cord to prevent fraying and the accidental removal of a cord lock.