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Welcome to the Adamventure online shop

What we sell

Currently we specialise in the hardware for making bags and purses, and other items that use similar materials (e.g. pet collars and key rings).  We have a wide range of metal purse frames, and a wide selection of brightly coloured webbing and plastic buckles.  The menu on the left of the screen should give you a clearer idea of the range, but if you can't find what you are looking for we are happy to help you by email or by phone.

How we sell it

We only sell online, and mainly on this site, however we do also have an Ebay site, called Adamventure craft shop, where we sell the 'legacy goods' left over from earlier specialisations.  We do not have a physical shop, and are not able to meet customers at our storage facility.  We will happily accept orders over the phone, but we do only have one person answering the phone and there can be delays at busy periods.

We are doing our best to be environmentally friendly in the way we present our products, in particular:

  • We offer our goods in the smallest units that are practical, without any minimum order requirement, so that you can purchase just a single button, or a quarter meter of ribbon if that is all you need.
  • If we are repackaging products we will use tissue paper and card rather than plastic wherever possible. However we will not replace perfectly adequate plastic packaging, after all it would still have to be disposed of.
  • We have yet to find a suitable replacement for the bubble lined mailing envelopes that we use for our smallest orders, or for the bubble wrap that we use to protect items that we send in cardboard boxes. We are looking, but in the meantime we hope that our customers can at least enjoy popping the bubbles!  The boxes themselves are of course recyclable and all of the packaging could be re-usable if opened carefully.

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