19mm swivel key ring connector

Product code: Le8_B0101199
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General description
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Zinc based alloy swivel key ring connector
Connectors made from two semi oval segments with oval discs at the ends. One disc has a small rivet protruding, which if fitted through a hole in the other disc and made to secure it whilst allowing the two sections to rotate independently.
The overall length of the connectors is approximately 3/4" and they are about 3/8" wide.
The eye without the rivet protruding measures about 1/4" by 1/4"; the rivet protrudes about 1/16" into the other eye.
Available in a choice of silver, gold or bronze tone, exact dimensions vary slightly between the colours, and can be seen in the product specifications box when the specific colour is selected in the drop down box.
These connectors are specifically designed for joining elements of key rings, and should not be used for load bearing or safety equipment.
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Item details
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MPN B0101199
Colour Yellow Bronze
Material Zinc based alloy
Metric dimensions External 18.6mm x 8.4mm x 5.4mm thick
Imperial dimensions External 3/4" x 5/16"mm x 3/16" thick
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Brand 8Seasons
Condition New
Product Code Le8_B0101199
Weight 0.001kg


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