10mm plastic breakaway safety buckle | cat face

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General description
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Plastic clip together buckle with cat face
A flat plastic buckle for 3/8" straps, featuring the face, one paw and one whole leg of a cat. The cats' features are engraved into the plastic.
These two part buckles are held together by a ridge on each piece which overlap when closed. The buckle pulls apart with very little effort, so is ideal for cat collars, but not suitable for use in items intended as restraints.
availability: 732 buckles of the selected colour in stock

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Brand CooBigo
Code G4b2_FLC124M
Condition New
Weight 0.02kg
Colour Purple
Material Plastic (nylon)
Metric dimensions 33mm (l) x18mm (w) x 5mm (thick)
Slots 11mm x 2.5mm
Imperial dimensions 1-5/16" (l) x 11/16" (w) x 3/16" (thick)
7/16" x 1/8"
Unit of Sale 1 piece


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